Emerging models with background in drama:

Ever dreamed about starting artistic modeling, building your professional portfolio, and showing your talent and beauty on large scale?

Makeup artists:

We also look for an amazing, emerging make-up artist who is great with body-art painting!

Your Chance to Participate as a Model in an International Level Art Photography Project

-  Read and apply below  -

Auckland, New Zealand, 2019


A Chair.

2   Different  Fabrics.


We are building a small, encouraging, friendly and unique crew here in Auckland, New Zealand for a photo-art and bodyart portraiture shots.


Subject Matter?

For an international photography project that is part of a much bigger project, led by a Global Brand Ambassador of, and in cooperation with the renowned Tokina-Kenko global camera optics company we are looking for EMERGING, DARING model/s for Artistic portraiture photography (as opposed to fashion or beauty portraiture). Some of thephotos may be partly naked (we will play with lights and shadows, body paint and the like.) All for artistic purpose, in order to convey an idea. In any case, we will always hear your fears, ideas, thoughts and we decide based on that.


This photo-art project is NOT sexual/porn and we will not engage with models in the adult/porn content industry! Please, do not apply if you come from the porn industry!

The project deals with artistic modeling only

Rare Wide Exposure of Your Talent

If you are in to it and would certainly like to grab this rare high-magnitude opportunity to emerge as a model of art-photography, and be proud to add this to your portfolio, apply now!  


The opportunities for this work are immense: seen by professional photographers worldwide who may look for models for their high-end projects, to art lovers who appreciate art-modeling, to photography groups both in New Zealand and overseas, on professional social media, in exhibitions, or on any other media available to us!


PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS NOT NECESSARILY NEEDED as we will guide you, but as this is an art photography project, the models must feel comfortable to possibly wearing minimal clothes or naked (with some or none body-painting covering). Obviously, to protect both the privacy of the project's crew while preparing the lights and the background and the copy-rights of the work, no other cameras/video recorders or any photography tools are permitted to be set on. The crew will get the licensed photos when the project concludes.

The Portfolio Package+


A rare opportunity to participate in a project supported by a renowned global camera optics company led by the company's brand ambassador professional photographer and artist. The latter gets an exposure of his works to hundreds of millions of photographers world-wide on their website, who well appreciate the top quality of Tokina professional lenses and the content Tokina publishes, talent hunters, and industry professionals! 


the privilege of consulting along the process in an equal eye-level professional relationeships with Tokina's ambassador, using his high-end edited professional photographs on your professional portfolio and/or your professional social media (limited licence).

Both models and makeup artis get a professional headshot portraiture, as a bonus!


A great working experience with a small group of professionals in the industry that will encourage each other, promote you further on their own websites or media, and the feeling of being an equal part of an amazing project!


Provided and following to a successful workflow, you will get a letter of recommendation for the next stage in your career. All the crew members will be your promoters locally and internationally, and possibly get more work together!

For this specific dramatic and body-art photo-art project we are looking for between 2 and 4 different individuals that will either be photographed alone (like nearby trees or at the outdoors etc.) or together with another model or more on an idea that will reflect different burning issues in our world these days. At the first stage the project will engage with 2 female and 2 male models. However, there may be advancements that we will call later on to additional models to be part of our warm and encouraging team that I plan to construct. All of the team are new to that type of modeling and there should not be any fear of doing any pose inaccurate. Guidance will be given and we will workout every pose together, and I even ask for your ideas, too!


The project is all about creating photo-art that will convey to the beholders situations from the current news, world affairs, relationships between communities, discriminations, and the like. There is absolutely no sexual interactions in the project. Absolutely not that type of photography. Artistic photography only!

Why choose emerging Kiwi models and not already heavily experienced and paid models?

The answer is easy: as a proud Kiwi, I try to promote "kept secrets" in the entire project (not only this sub-project). Thus, candidates who are already working as artistic photography models are already revealed and for them finding a new project will be much, much easier than new, emerging models. I know from my own past, not only in photography or art, that starting out something can be very frustrating and disappointing if the first experience is being done by supervises who do not look at you at the eye level. I promised to myself that this will never be my way to work with people.

As in my own work in other types of art and photography,I built my whole art in a different way; I was not afraid to break some so-called "traditional" rules in capturing "good images" such like the rule of light and shadows, and I did not want to go with that wrong stream. We, myself and you the models and the makeup artist, are going to supply a work environment that is accepting and sharing ideas of all team members, not only the photographer's ideas. Simply put: the models will get their say in the crew. Eventually, I want you to happily get the experience in this Art photography niche, build your portfolio, and be later ready to take the next step, this time as already a published model. 

Ages and Nationality of the models and makeup artist:

This is important to mention that the models MUST be adults (meaning: they are lawfully able to sign on the application form for their own position in the project, as opposed to teens or kids who need permission from guardians). They have to be New Zealand residents or citizens simply because I want to promote KIWIS in this project, not other nationalities. Models should (preferably) ages: 21 to 27, but every case will be inspected to its own.  

No differentiation between candidates!

People from ALL races, religions, birth places, sexual orientation etc. are welcome, as long as they are open to perform modeling with various of clothes, fabrics, minimal or none clothing, and body-art/body-paint (including painting on their bodies both in studio and outdoors environments).  The project is of ART that shows the human body and the meanings we give to topics in our lives. 

Once we start working and knowing one another better, models and makeup artists with an artistic thinking are more than welcome to discuss with me and the rest of the team about any ideas or perspective. As I mentioned above: eye-level professionalism. They will be an equal part of the team and their ideas will be heard! 

 This offer may be terminated without notice. If you are into this opportunity, apply now.

Please feel free to ask any open question. This project is part of a bigger project planned with Global Tokina that aims to promote New Zealand in many photography categories and is done in a true mission to show tto he world this amazing country and its people, exposing new landscapes and faces in a way that has never been done before, while harnessing of Ryàn's talent and artistic style!  The whole of the project is done with dedication on a voluntary basis of Collins Ryàn, artist and photgrapher, by spending own time, good will, and efforts so the photographed subjects will reach as much international exposure!


How to apply:

  1. Do not apply on behalf of someone else please!

  2. In order for us to protect against bot activity (spam, malware etc.), we ask to verify true people's identity also through the Facebook. Hence, applicants must press on "Like" on our professional Facebook page www.facebook.com/ArtisteRyan (link) in order for us to further inspect your application and checking you are a real person, not spam, or a fake application. We then will easily make a contact with you on the social media in case you are chosen for this project, and other possible projects in the future!  After liking our page, kindly write the message: "Signed on the photo-art application, Auckland, 2019"

  3. Email us 3 JPEG photo files of YOURSELF (not anybody else's photo. This application cannot be on-behalf).  In order for you to get your fair chance, and for us to choose the right people for the project, the photos should include exactly the below. No more. No less

  • First photo is a headshot 45 degrees turn your head away from the camera.

  • Second photo is of you using ONLY a chair and 2 different fabrics (No other clothes or fabrics are allowed for the second photo.). In this photo you should show us some qualities of drama either or both your face and body: you can freely choose between sadness, happiness, shock, love, compassion, anger and so on.
    Write to us a few sentences in the email explaining of what you were trying to convey in the photo. 

  • Third photo is a “regular” full-body portrait, straight posture directly to the camera, wearing only a T-Shirt and short pants. 

     Every JPEG photo file should be up to 7mb and to be sent to
    Photos can be taken by any camera or cellphone. They, however, must be clean and sharp. 

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Your age as of 22nd-June-2019 (formal proof may be needed)