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From Elementary to Advanced: DSLR and Mirrorless Photography

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8-12 Hours

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From Elementary to Advanced: DSLR and Mirrorless Photography


Collins Ryàn

Professional photographer, artist, multi-disciplinary tutor, and critic, Collins Ryàn has been giving courses both onsite and online in many genres of photography and fine-art. Lives in Auckland, and participate in both local and international projects. Collins Ryàn is an international photographer, globally known as Collins Ryàn - L'artiste, who is a global Ambassador for three renowned international camera and gear companies Tokina, Kenko, and Hoya from Japan.

About the course

This course is for those photography lovers that have either no previous knowledge or very basic knowledge in the profession.

The course is built in a way where the participants gain the knowledge, explanations, examples and experience with ease and in a pace where they can start shooting almost immediately while understanding the basic functions of the professional cameras.

Participants will be very confident to hold a DSLR or Mirrorless camera in their hands, set up the functions, and execute splendid images without using the "Auto" mode!

This course is for those who are keen to learn photography without all the hurdles or frustration on the way!!

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