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International Project

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Three internationally recognized photographers from Oceania, Europe and the Middle East have joined forces to create artworks made with different perspectives. Every photographer is widely recognized for having his own style, perspective, methods, and ideas in doing their own work after taking the shots.


But this project comes to challenge them all: each photographer had to  send 5 RAW files that he has shot to the other two counterparts.  The RAW files are supposed to challenge the photographers in an area of photography that they might not be specialized at. The photographers had the liberty to perceive the idea behind the shot as they wish, to change colors, crop, retouch, re-frame,and amend as per own ideas. The photographers have been given the liberty whether to attach a written story or explanation to what they view in the shots.

Those three internationally exposed photographers serve as Global Ambassadors for their own long-standing skills, knowledge, methods and perspectives in totally different niches of photography.

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