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A Kiwi professional photographer, artist, tutor, author, reviewer, and critic. Collins Ryàn is known internationally as Collins Ryàn - L'artiste, elected to represent around the globe three renowned Japanese camera gear and optics manufacturers, Tokina, Kenko, and Hoya Filters! 

For individuals and companies:

This website comes to give information for both international and local (New Zealand) clients, seeking to hire Collins Ryàn for the utmost quality of photography sessions in a myriad of genres: portrait, product, corporate, and architecture. 

Collins Ryàn has also been collaborating internationally in journalism assignments and art and is able to execute any projects both locally in New Zealand, regionally in Australia and the Pacific, or around the world, where his multilingual capabilities can break the ice where meeting the subjects. 

Teaching photographers around the globe:
Collins Ryàn, as a well-exposed photographer who is Global Brand Ambassador for Tokina, Kenko, and Hoya Filters, has created several courses for photographers of every proficiency level. Backed up by the above three renowned manufacturers, he has written a few thorough professional books through which he teaches the subject matter. Local workshops and one-to-one teaching in New Zealand are constantly offered in a warm, unstressful environment. His workshop students get to quickly implement the material and reach great results! 

In addition to photography services and teaching, Collins Ryàn also sells his artworks around the globe, sending his high quality eclectic styled prints to customers from many countries.

Half A World.     Away.


By Collins Ryan

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