Not just another photographer!

Whether you are either an individual client or a company looking for the best results, a photographer who would like to learn new methods or an entire genre in photography, or an organisation that seeks to re-live old photographs, then you reached the right place. You are here because you never compromise the highest results for yourself or your business.


I am Collins Ryàn (L'artiste), a professional photographer, artist, pro photography tutor, photo retoucher, restorer, and reviewer broadly known internationally as Global Brand Ambassador for the renowned professional camera gear concern Kenko-Tokina, Japan. 

Having 26 years in doing various genres in art, applying a unique, eclectic style through my artwork . Currently, I am leading a wide-scale international professional photography project, and also collaborating in another international project with other well-exposed photographers from Asia and Europe.

Photography sessions in Product, Food, Portraiture, Commercial, or Architecture are taking place normally in the Auckland, Northland, and Waikato regions, New Zealand; however, collaborations and projects have been constantly done both nationally and internationally. Simply advise what you require and you will be supplied the results above and beyond to your expectations! My working method with both individual clients and businesses is built on "no-pressure photo-shoot sessions".


What to expect:

Professional, state-of-the-art gear and results throughout all photography niches: portrait, product, food, architecture, and photo-art.  As per need, I am able to work either on-location or studio with an audience of one person up to a few hundreds of participants!

Artwork for purchase:

Purchasing a signed artwork printed on a premium canvas or other premium materials is available, and the shipment comes to your door at no additional costs* (normally).  Artworks are changing constantly. View currently offered artworks here


Workshops, outings, and one-to-one guidance for new and advanced photography students.

Next workshop planned (Southern Hemisphere winter) - "Astrophotography Basics" and "Astrophotography For Advanced Photographers" intended for beginners and enthusiasts, respectively. Those workshops will be held in July 2020, Wellington City, New Zealand.
Inquire here to enrol.

Currently we are recruiting ambitious, new, emerging models of both genders for workshops. Apply now



Product & Food

Photo Restoration

briefly about me

The name is Collins Ryàn and I am a Global Brand Ambassador for the renowned Kenko-Tokina camera optics company and professional photographer. I am dealing in the Arts for the past 2.5 decades, and I am proud to be exhibited internationally and appreciated for my known artistic style.

I am a very proud Kiwi from Auckland, and currently, in the year 2020, have been collaborating both nationally and internationally in a few professional projects. 

I am leading an international photography project along with Tokina, Japan using state-of-the-art professional gear.

I have also provided multilingual professional reviews, workshops, and one-on-one guidance. In addition to basing my artistic route on fine-art,  I am also dealing with graphic design, web design, and providing meticulous restoring services of damaged photographs to individuals and organizations. 

This is merely in brief about myself. You are most welcome to read more about my work and what others have to say. Contact me below to take your project to the top level. 


Amal M.

Ryàn is an excellent photographer with a keen eye for details. Absolutely amazed by his immaculate work.I had a one on one model shoot training with him about lighting. It was really good and his teaching style is very friendly and clear.

Rhonda B.

My two girls and I have recently done a photo shoot with Ryan. While my girls were a little nervous to begin with Ryan quickly put them at ease and had them laughing and doing shots I never would have imagined. The photos are stunning, and really capture their personalities. The colours and the composition of the photos are beautiful and capture a moment of time to treasure. I thought the photos were great and then I saw the canvases! Wow! The high definition of the canvases exceeded all expectations. Thank you Ryan! I highly recommend Ryan to anyone wanting a professional photo shoot with high quality photos.

Anthony D.

photo shots are amazing job well done

Marisa G.

Beautiful. Your photos are so authentic, really different from any photographer I've seen so far. You have your own 'handwriting', keep on developing that style that makes your work uniquely you.


Ryan took pictures of our new business,  He worked very professionally and delivered excellent results. I recommend Ryan, he's a great photographer and artist.