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about me

​After 2.5 decades into the fine-art, in my art, I am a rule-breaker and rule maker!

I present NO mediocrity

I am very proud and honored to be one of only a handful of rare talented photographers from around the globe who hold an international title of GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADOR for the renowned Kenko-Tokina camera optics manufacturer, thanks to my known and well thought artistic style. My work is exhibited internationally on the above camera company websites, exposed to millions of photographers and interested parties.

So, the name is Collins Ryàn and I am a:

  • proud Kiwi,

  • professional photographer,  

  • a reviewer of professional art and photography gear,

  • fine-art artist,

  • dealing also in graphic design and web design, and a meticulous restorer of damaged photographs.

As I mentor other photographers, I simply LOVE the profession. I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, but have shot internationally. 

I have been releasing my artwork internationally and writing my articles in a few languages for the aimed professional photographers audience and followers around the world.


I intend to create the best experience for anyone I do business with!

I am able to deal with projects as small as a one-to-one portrait session, to a massive amount of people in one company. I use state of the art photography and lighting equipment and deliver the product according to the highest set of standards!  


Photography services can be in several fields:

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