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about me (and you!)

I am Collins Ryàn, an artist with eye for details for the past 3 decades. I am a very proud Kiwi, Auckland-wide-based professional photography tutor. I am serving worldwide as multiple Global Brands' ambassador (of no less than three well-renowned camera and gear manufacturers from Japan). I am a professional competition judge, artist, author of photography books, professional gear reviewer, and critic. I speak and learn about 7 languages and am always happy to engage with lingual jobs.

I have collaborated internationally with photographers, organisations, and other professionals from the Netherlands, Iran, Japan, Dubai, Russia, Finland, Israel, and China. I do arts, write multilingual articles for the international audience, have judged internationally, and participated in journalism assignments. 

With my easy going demeanour and top notch equipment, organising professional photography sessions with me or booking in my photography courses can be scheduled both nationally (New Zealand) and internationally. 

I shoot with several award winning photography systems and gear - from APS-C sensors, through Full Frame, and all the way to the massive, mind-blowing Medium Format! I use top notch techniques, and I have gained absolutely total satisfaction from my clients, photography students in my classes, and international bodies who were working with me. Images can be shot for any size (even 400 million pixels per image!!) right within the camera.

If you would like to bet on your money for your future personal or business project, I regret to say that I am not just another 'fish in the ocean' of those who hold cameras in their hands. My record shows that I live and breathe the art. So do not bet - simply hire me! 

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