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about me

I am Collins Ryàn, a Kiwi Auckland-wide-based professional photography tutor, multi brand ambassador, competition judge, artist, author of photography books, professional gear reviewer, and critic.


I have collaborated internationally with photographers and other professionals from the Netherlands, Iran, Japan, Russia, Finland, Israel, and China in arts, articles, judging international competitions, and journalism. 


As I mentioned in my multilingual internationally released articles, I demand from myself only the absolute best results



With my easy going demeanour, top notch equipment, professional sessions with me can be scheduled both nationally (New Zealand) and internationally

Alireza Vafa, Iran

Collins is among those people with great soul, when mixed with such brilliant artistic abilities that leads to a pure artist!

Natalie Clee, Snells Beach

The level of support offered onsite and as follow-up has been amazing. Ryàn is very supportive yet professionally critical and strives to make you achieve really great photos. Ryàn adds an artistic element, so his advice is not just technical but also about composition.

Kenko-Tokina Company, Japan

We would like to thank Collins Ryàn for his efforts and contribution to Kenko Tokina business worldwide.

Adam Blevins, New Zealand

From my very first interactions with Ryàn, it was clear that he was passionate and cared about the success of his students.

Heidi Yap, Matakana

his working knowledge of our galaxy was well detailed in his printed guide, and was also discussed as a group.
I would absolutely recommend this workshop to any beginner wanting to understand astrophotography more and be able to produce professional images


I am teaching people to become professional and hobbyist photographers, judging in competitions, and giving sessions in myriad of genres.  Contact me for details. 

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