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  • BEST Artworks are PROMISED to be shown on Collins Ryàn's international portfolio

  • Both genders are welcome. 

  • Models should be emerging (new) models only, as we try to promote new faces rather than those who already have had photoshoot experience.

  • Knowledge and practice in self make-up (although a make-up artist may be on-location, too)

  • Models must be over 18 years of age, as a contract is signed off by them. 

  • Models must be mobile and have their own vehicle to come with to the shooting site/s. If coming from outside of Auckland, if flight tickets are involved, those are fully paid by the models.

  • Models should feel comfortable to be shot with both WINTER and Summer clothes (including but not limited to: coats, umbrellas, scarves, T-shirts, short pants, hats, swimming suits, jandals, skirts, dresses)

  • Models should allow the photoshoot to be taken under any weather conditions

  • Models will get their JPEG TFP artworks (number of artworks is to the photographer's discretion) without changing, amending, cutting or adding any part that is not shown in the artwork that the photographer firstly sent to the model. 

  • When and where those artworks are published on the model's social media, catalog/s, and/or any printed or online media or platform the model must credit the photographer as per the contract. The photographer will also credit the model.

  • The model acknowledges that the photoshoot may take from 1 to 6 hours (case by case), and must prepare for the shoot accordingly with meals and other necessities.


First of all, LOVE diversity and we believe that all of us are beautiful!! We respect every person and


Emerging models who are keen to participate must send us for review 3 photos taken through a cellphone in a well-lit place. Photos can easily be taken with the help of an assistant to hold the phone. Photos MUST NOT be edited or changed in colour. Please do not send more than the required 3 photos. 
Here are the minimal requirements for the above three shots you are required to send:

  1. First photo: All-body shot, from tip to toes, in front of the camera in a straight posture. The background should be in a solid colour (a clean wall for example).  Females should dress a dress or a singlet/T-shirt and a light-coloured skirt (white, yellow, pink). Males should wear short pants and a T-shirt.

  2. Second photo: a profile photo from the waist to the tip of your head. The background should be solid as in the first photo above.

  3. Third photo: a headshot right in front of the camera. No profile photo, not tilting head. Females with long hair should have the hair go behind the shoulder on one side, and hair on the shoulder, on the other side. Males with facial hair should make it tidy prior to taking the shot.


The photoshoot will take place in the Auckland region. Models must reach to the shooting spot/s using their own private vehicles and be ready at the date and time we discuss and agree on. Models should know that we want to shoot their own personalities, laughter and joy. Hence, we are going to make the shot feel more like friends rather than dictating exactly what to do. This is especially wonderful for models in their first steps.

The best shots WILL get onto Collins Ryàn's international profile with credits to the new, emerging model!


Please submit your 3 photos ONLY for review to the below email account:

In your email message, kindly follow these steps:

write your full (official) name, your age, area of residency, whether you have already had an experience in modeling, and what type of modeling you are looking to do. 


If you are a camera shy, that is absolutely okay. This is the right place for you to shine, in a totally friendly environment! 

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