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Collins Ryàn - L'artiste

Collins Ryàn is a multi-disciplined artist who is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Collins started his artistic route as a sketch artist using pure coal on pure white surfaces. While along the years he has been gaining many private orders for art portraiture in both drawing and photography, Collins Ryàn got the art nickname of "B&W drama artist" among his clients. The nickname was transferred from one person to another, well before the era of the social media erupted to the world. These days, Collins still prefers the more personal connection to his clients and followers, rather than the less personal methods of electronic connections. 

Collins specialized and teaches a few niches of photography, such as art and nude-art, portraiture, architecture, landscape and nighttime. Despite producing colorful artworks, he never got rid of his own unique, eclectic B&W dramatic baseline. Collins is actually implementing those dramatic ideas in almost every artwork that he meticulously produces, and accompanies the visual artwork with a written essay, song, inspiration or explanation so the beholder gets the entire meaning in each artwork.

As an Ambassador, Collins teaches in workshops, advises and answers professional photographers from around the world on his unique rule-breaking artistic methods to create dramatic scenes. He works with Tokina, Kenko and Hoya in delivering Astro and nighttime workshops.

Collins has traveled the world, speaks and learns a few languages. Like this project that he originated, he is always open to create new groundbreaking projects with the most talented photographers and clients.

Collins Ryàn - L'artiste
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