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Y me?

I have been appreciated for my unique set of artwork, and recognized internationally for the style that I developed and honed up in my art along the decades.


I am proud to hold an international role in photography as a Global Brand Ambassador to a well renowned camera optics company, Kenko-Tokina, Japan, which produces such brilliant camera gear that is appreciated by millions of people around the globe for over 7 decades!

As a 2.5 decades long artist who started in extremely dramatic black-and-white art and portraiture, I see the world so differently to others who hold cameras in their hands.


I also shoot with "outside of the box" approach, and teach my methods to other professional photographers in my online and offline workshops, and during my sessions. 

I love to let the client feel as my own friend, and this starts before we even meet - either on the phone call or through the email. 

My unique policy was always - you never pay if you are not satisfied!  That never happened, and I assure you that it won't happen in the next million years, at least as long as I leave! 

Apart of my work, I adhere to donate time and professionalism on monthly basis to the community and the country. I am a true believer that compassion and giveaways are good for the soul and that we all should stop for a moment and give to our surroundings.

Yes, this is me!

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