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Astro for Beginners

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6-8 Hours on site + 1 hour on computer!

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Astro for Beginners


Collins Ryàn

Professional photographer, artist, multi-disciplinary tutor, and critic, Collins Ryàn has been giving courses both onsite and online in many genres of photography and fine-art. Lives in Auckland, and participate in both local and international projects. Collins Ryàn is an international photographer, globally known as Collins Ryàn - L'artiste, who is a global Ambassador for three renowned international camera and gear companies Tokina, Kenko, and Hoya from Japan.

About the course

This is the right place to start your route in Astrophotography. We will learn in small groups about the elementary elements of this wonderful niche, and you will get great results of shooting the night sky.

The students receive written materials in the beginning of the workshop, of which we read and illuminate with examples.

The students will then base their gear in several positions along the workshop in order to capture both the sky and the terrestrial features.

Along the practice, the students will be asked by Collins Ryan some questions about the material they studied. After completing one task, the students move on to shoot a different task.

The practical work will be followed by a virtual meeting (using Microsoft Teams) in order to learn how to post process their images. In that evening the students will have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge regarding composition, cropping, what was good and what still requires to work on.

Lastly, each student will have the option to send to Collins Ryan two of their BEST post-processed images in order to be professionally critiqued!

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