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Collins Ryàn's Workshops in New Zealand and Overseas, 2021

Currently, registrations are open in several workshops during 2020 and 2021. Minimum of participant number in a group:

  • TWO (in Auckland, New Zealand)

  • FIVE (in Wellington/Christchurch, New Zealand)

  • TEN (outside of New Zealand)

Next workshops and one-to-one teaching offered in 2021 are in: Basics of photography, composition for beginners, composition for advanced photographers, studio lighting for beginners, art portraiture for advanced photographers (incl. Nude art), Astro for beginners, Astro for advanced photographers, Astro - top methods and tools


Also, one-to-one photography teaching still continuous as always, in a variety of photography genres and proficiency-levels: from beginner to totally advanced.   For any type of guidance, kindly email to:

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