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Portraits for Individuals and groups

Whatever the need for superb image quality - clients are assured to gain a pleasant, stress-free session that eventually will yield results far beyond what they expect.

Portraiture sessions are available for both private and corporate clients. Sessions can be undertaken at the client's premises or in a studio environment.  Collins Ryàn will give you advice for the best results based on your needs and objectives.


As Collins Ryàn teaches other photographers in his workshops, from the moment you make your first contact with him and until you get the copies of the portrait artwork, he discusses with you about all the technical stuff well before the session even starts.


Often, there are clients who are camera-shy. Collins Ryàn will work with you in a warm and welcoming way that you will forget that the camera is even there. You will also be acknowledged on all the steps regarding how to prepare for the shooting day, so no stress and no surprises at all.  


Stress-free is the key word.

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