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Restoration of Damaged Photographs

Let's fix your photos professionally!

Ripped, torn, severely stained, coffee marks, missing pieces, discolored.

Those are only a few of the damages that older photographs have. 

Photographs of the past are more than just smiling figures. Those printed (or film negatives) are mainly emotions, feelings, moments in time that will never come back.

Using a state of the art equipment, I handle the job and return the customer their memories in a much superior condition; often time, even better than the original prints!

Restoration of damaged and old/er photographs requires a meticulous work with the prints that are presented to me. 

Often times, those prints are highly delicate to touch and are in such a bad condition that the customers have a genuine fear of damaging it further.

I handle the restoration job in a systematic method; thought is given in any step of the way, right from the moment of getting the prints all the way till the job is finished and the customers get the finished artwork on high-resolution digital files!

Furthermore, in photographs that were originally shot in Black-and-White film, customers have the option to choose whether to add colours to the restored artwork, mimicking the original colours of the clothes and the environment. 

Usually, the restoration service is ordered for a number of photographs as a whole project (such as the demo samples on this page made recently for an overseas customer), however, there is no limitation and customers may choose to restore between one to any other number per project.

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