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New Practical Workshop
for people with Low Self-Esteem!

An academically based, professionally and artistically delivered workshop 

Photography By

Collins Ryàn - L'artiste
International Ambassador for

Tokina, Hoya, and Kenko

Collins Ryan photographer_edited_edited_edited.png


Working on camera shyness, acting, and fun

Presented by Collins Ryàn, an internationally well known global brand Ambassador professional photographer (Tokina, Hoya, Kenko - all from Japan), tutor, author, critic, reviewer, and artist.


Collins is academically educated (went on to a B.Sc.N. clinical and two research based Master's degree routes in the health field!) and professionally trained as a clinician (got an RN) in myriad wards, including a long time as a Case Manager in a psychological ward, dealing with clients having low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and anger issues.


Collins brings the clinical knowledge and experience and incorporates those into photography in a funny way that intends to alleviate the workshop participants to explore this fascinating field of arts and opens up the horizon. 

Collins supplies the cameras during this workshop, so participants are not required to have their own if they do not own one.


Working with dance as a tool to build confidence

Presented by Belle Cohen, a well internationally travelled and performed dancer and tutor.


Belle has been teaching Spanish dance for years, before, during, and following to her Bachelor degree in the Arts (USA). She has danced performed in Australia, USA, Spain, Israel, and Poland, and established overseas a dance company in which she taught women how to regain and boost confidence with their bodies and looks. 


Belle is a passionate dancer and tutor that is studying and specialising these days throughout her Master's degree how to further contribute to elevate self-esteem the performing arts. 


Working on movement, resilience, and confidence

Belle will also guide you through acting excercises and pre-written texts. Overseas, she has played many roles in theatre and on camera.

Belle will enveavor that even the super shy participants feel comfortable enough to play very small roles with the entire group.

In order to create the best experience for each participant, there is only a limited number of places available per this special workshop. 

The workshop will deal with difficulties and struggles related to low self-esteem, and together with the tutors we will work on elevation of the self-esteem through specific fun art activities prepared by professionals. The environment is unjudgmental and we will cater for any hesitation or shyness.

The purpose of the workshop is to prove that shyness and low self-esteem can be tackled very efficiently using professional methods and acts in different artistic fields, and by two truly shy professionals who know exactly what low self-esteem is. We are happy to answer your questions and looking forward to having fun with the arts!

Register Here:
Collins Ryàn 021-2662431      Belle Cohen 022-1623034


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