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Professional Retouch Work

I am an expert in digital graphic and retouching

  • 1 h
  • 80 New Zealand dollars
  • customer provides photographs. Prices vary job/hours

Service Description

It all started when a relative of mines wanted to revive one of her most precious photos, took about 60 years ago. I had sat on the working bench and sketched the whole photo up to a completion. She did not believe her eyes. The sketch looked so real that she thought it was a photograph! Since then, I also for many years got into the digital photography retouch work. I was determined that reviving photos is a great way to remember the past and cherish those who we love. I am offering a Retouch Work on older photos that for some reason are damaged, discoloured, cut and so on. Yes, for very badly photos there might not be a real option to assist, but for the vast majority, with a patience of a crocodile, I can absolutely make you smile when you get back the job done! This service does not require a 1-to-1 session, as I can simply get the photograph either by post or email; however, I usually encourage to meet along with my customers and hear the story behind, ask some questions about the person or persons in the photograph in order to get the whole picture and to make the retouch work as best as I can. I am able to retouch, by and large, any photograph. Contact me today and let us examine what the job requires.

Contact Details

+ 0212662431

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