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Street art 

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Name of Work: "Find Me If You Can"

The light, oh, the light. Where are you traveling to - you precious one?! A moment in time that captures the sense of cleanliness, openness, and freedom. I waited and waited on that high wobbly stand there for the right moment. The air was truly clean and the special feeling of wanting to get some bird wings and fly was beyond any possible resistance. That street was coating me head to toes. With the heavy beloved lens I stared at the passers-by. Angle positioned carefully. Last breath. Shot!

Name of Work: "Pick One"

As a person who went to two Master's and one Bachelor degrees in three different universities on the globe, I played with statistics a lot during my academic research. Statistics - the subject they (and you?!) so love to hate! Looking at these crossing lines ignited my brain in a question: which way most of the children I saw would rather walk on. Watching them there for a few minutes sparked statistical visions in my head. Can you guess which of those mesmerizing lines is the most loved one?

Name of Work: "Shine On"

Three council's transport agents are standing on the open wide walkway. Agents, not presenters. Not actors. Not the shiny stars you would reckon to be the brightest spots in the area. But they were! The sparkling city was shining just above their heads and their hi-visual vests could absolutely merge with the sun. Lovely!

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