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You say yes, I say no. You leave, I stay. You take, I give. The world is strangely dichotomous in the eye of the beholder. But situations, sometimes, are not only regarded as "black and white". Sometimes, there are actual colours painting the moment. We simply need to find and interpret those colours despite of the fact that we firstly see only in two opposite shades. 

This section of the project brings up those dichotomous situations. The making of artwork in either black & white or in only two other hues has always fascinated me, and is the actual base for each and every other work I have done to date. If in my other artworks one sees colours, then they should know that the foundations are always constructed by a thorough thinking in B&W. 

"Dichotomy" is perhaps the best example for the project's viewers to learn on the inspirations behind the artwork. The stories behind each photo are for me the real deal. 

In order to get into the stories, attached to each artwork, at the top of the screen, is a special button. When you press on that button you'll reveal them. 

  • On laptops and personal computers, kindly use the arrows located at both right and left hand sides of each picture in order to move from one artwork to another.

  • Mobile device users may scroll each picture to either side to move between artworks.

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