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Name of Work: "Rumbling Peace"

The silence of fishing. Honestly, I am not sure if I could ever put my finger/s close to a mouth of a fish, just in order to take the hook out. 

Yes, I know that you know that I was a clinician etc. etc. So yes, I saw inner organs both inside and outside. But of humans. 

Fishing, you ask me? Nah! I am not the right person to do it. However, I do envy at those who do that. This always intrigued me - the whole activity and the anticipation to catch a fish with your rod, then going back home, cleaning it, and making the best lunch/dinner for the whole family. Honestly, this is simply lovely. 

In the West USA there used to be a bad name. People riding on the back of tall horses, fully dusty from the desert. Their clothes were bloody and their gait seemed scary to the beholders. Out of the blue, as that was portrayed by the movies filmed in the 50's andthe 60's of the previous century, these unlawful people used to come and pick one of the miserable people at the bar, take them outside and shoot them like a real Clint Eastwood! 

Likewise, on this location of the Wild West of Auckland, the miserable one of a fish. Waiting to be taken up by the rumble, peaceful, very friendly person with the rod. Stormy weather does not mean no business in fishing!

Taken using Tokina AT-X PRO 16-28mm f/2.8

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