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Name of Work: "Not Montreux"

So that looked to me like a fairy-tale story. Not necessarily a Disney fairy-tale that you watch at the cinemas. There is a huge amount of water just in front of me. The ocean seemed quite peaceful, and as a matter of fact, there is no wonder why. Those many islands and isles that are scattered all around break those big waves coming from Chile, perhaps Peru, Costa Rica or Hawaii. 

But standing there at one spot, closing my eyes, and only listening to the wind let me understand that the jaws of the water supplier up above me are just about to open. In Disney's movies the storms are coming so fast, and ending in just about 5 second (take a lok at Frozen, where the King and Queen died in the stormy water)

Here. I finally opened my eyes and saw the clouds changing from one second to another, accumulating more and more power, harnessing a spiral shape, getting darker, and starting to fill the lower levels of the horizon. I could hardly stand still, as I was all shaky, being pushed and pulled by the wind. I imagine those quickly evolving clouds as a smoke. Not in Montreux; it is in north Auckland. Smoke on the water.

Taken using Tokina AT-X PRO 16-28mm f/2.8

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