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Name of Work: "Sharp Blur in Three"

The recipe in brief:

This takes one lens as sharp as Jaimie Oliver's best knife to go wildly blurry, a risky standing on a hectic bridge, and one artist that takes the gear to do this.

A harmony of three colours on such a hot wintry day. The striking redness of that house caught my eyes when I was literally just passing there with my car for a brief second to another scheduled photography session. Could not resist the need to frame it. Such a beauty. Isn't it?! 

Only one giant cloud is seen from afar. The red house is swallowed by both the dense trees and the river that peacefully streams on the other side.

I feel the sweat coming up all over me. The sun is stinging my skin and the shade created by the bridge's structure does not genuinely help that much. I was waiting till that slow-as-hell cloud finally decided to block the sun, if only for a short while.

The frame is so different now. Just as I was expecting it to be. Fixing my gear to extreme blur, and finally, after my whole clothing is soaked in my sweat, I took the shot.


Taken using Tokina opera 50mm f/1.4


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