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"...Collins Ryàn has developed a unique style as a photography artist. Ryàn has been appointed by Global Tokina-Kenko Camera Company for his distinguished style to be their Brand Ambassador in New Zealand. 


He sees New Zealand as one of the Top places on Planet Earth to show how people need to behave, both in person-to-person and person-to-environment perspectives.


With more than 25 combined years of experience in fine-art, manual & digital graphics, and photography, Ryàn started his artistic route in Black and White. Firstly, those were portraiture and landscape sketches, and then through the lens. Constructing the composition of his artwork in a way that the world has been a subject of dramatic lights and shadows. Along the years he gradually adopted the work in colours.



He shoots landscape, architecture, street, macro and portraits. His artwork is accompanied by either his own short essays, songs, or plain illuminations of his feelings and thoughts that are the base to the inspiration. Collins Ryàn draws the attention of the beholders to issues like Love and Hate, Peace and War, Nature Preservation, and Family Relationships – mentioning only a few. He strongly believes that the final product must convey some deeper meanings, not merely be beautiful or appealing to the beholder.


Having an extensive knowledge in health and medicine planted in him "a real perspective on life", as he says. The past, daily exposure to many people from different backgrounds, languages and cultures both during and after finishing his B.Sc. and Post-Grad overseas and a Master's degree in New Zealand has contributed immensely to his artistic perspective on his subjects.


He, habitually, deems the conventional rules such as light/shadows, complementing colours, and the so-called 'appropriate'positioning of the subjects in the frame only as friendly suggestions, as opposed to strictly, obliging rules.


He strongly believes that the beholders need to connect and feel as if they were those who actually took the shot! As he teaches the art to others, he argues: "if you want to break the photography rules, you can simply do it – untie your tie and raise your collar. All is acceptable!"  (refer to his self-portrait photo)



Next Projects

Having travelled to many countries and continents across the globe, he has the greatest love for his country New Zealand.   As a Global Brand Ambassador of Tokina-Kenko, backed up by the latter, he soon during 2019 plans to start a long-haul national project in order to capture and share with the whole world the unique culture, nature, landscapes, architecture and environment that this country is so famous for. There will be a variety of topics he is intending to frame through his Tokina camera lenses."

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The Starting Point

A Story About Myself  As A Daring Little Boy

"I was that kid who took a notebook at school and started to sketch in between those vertical lines marked on each page. Those lines the area, and the teacher always told us that we were allowed to write there. ONLY there. Scared out of her future reaction I was double checking myself that I would not cross any of the framing lines.


But then, one day, I happened to mistakenly cross one of the lines. Frightened as I had been, I did not know where to bury myself. But then, guess what? nothing happened! The world did not end, the powerlines still delivered power to the bulbs, and I, myself, I was still alive! Yes, I broke those strict rules and the teacher even smiled at me. 

Since that very special day, I have learned that the rules that obliged me to write, sketch and paint only between certain spaces do not always make sense or hold any realistic views. Well, yes, do not get me wrong. I do not suggest to always break the rules. In Art - you can. But please do not commit crimes haha...


As a photographer and artist, I still hold on to that idea. I suggest to not always go by the 'perfect' rules. Bend the rules of photography, break them from time to time. Examine your composition. Photos are supposed to deliver an idea; and ideas, like anything in this world, are not 100% perfect.

Be brave.

Break free."   (Collins Ryàn)

Start services



Real estate

Services Offered


In addition to the Artwork I do both nationally and overseas, I offer my customers in Auckland-wide and Northland a variety of professional Art-Grade photography solutions. Every time I do business I donate between 5% to 10% of the sum to SPCA New Zealand, a Nation-wide organisation that deals with the prevention of cruelty to Animals!


As I demand the best results in my Artwork, I similarly demand myself to provide my customers with the best results during and following the photography sessions. 


I offer those services (hover below for direct link):

  1. Real Estate and Architecture photography

  2. Portraiture - Groups, Families, couples and individuals

  3. Product photography

  4. Industrial/Commercial Portraiture

  5. High-grade Canvassed Artwork Made to Order (couriered to the customer's address: New Zealand, Australlia, Canada, USA, and more)

  6. Photo Retouch Service

Real Estate & Architecture

Architecture and Real Estate photography are all about the illumination of the beauty of the lines, curves, lights and shadows of a structural building. Usually, when a customer comes to me and asks about this type of photography, I understand that they have a great sentiment to the building and they are willing to present it in the best way to their own customers, or potential buyers. 


My sessions may take up to 4 hours onsite. I give a lot of thought to where I would like to shoot, what angle, what light to use, and what camera and lens to shoot each of the photographs. I am seeing the project as an Artist, rather than as a regular photographer who shoots and goes in a rush.

This is my unique way. 



Special offers for Realtors and Individuals who hire this service for more than 3 premises in one month



Portraiture and
Art Portraiture

You find yourself seeking for perfect shots that freeze the time and bring you an eternal memory of the current time. In group sessions, you would like to show-off the team in your sports or community, or even your university. 


Families approach to enlighten the home with gorgeous photographs of the family members. Couples are after a special memory between him and her, him and him, or her and her. Those photographs show the bond, the love, the friendship. 


Individuals are simply amazing when they feel relaxed and find that they can be very relaxed in front of my camera.  Usually, the individuals would like to advance their photos into substantially better quality, composition and professionalism. Some are after getting into modelling and others after a brilliant set of portraits so they can add them to their portfolios, websites, CV's and job applications.

Whatever reason you approach me, as an artist and photographer - you can count on me that you are covered. 

Product photography

Product Photography

Product Photography

Your business lifeline is dependant on the services and the products you provide to your customers. The process of getting increasing income and influx of customers into your business requires you to make a great impression on them. This is similar to, say, blind-dates; they do not really know you in the beginning and you, as the business owner, are trying to impress in first sight. This is an important issue in marketing. 


One photo speaks better than 1,000 words. A professionally taken and composed photo to show-off how superior your products are is that one thing that can cause people to prefer doing business with you, rather than with the competitors! 


It sounds perhaps a cliche, but an amazing visual product representation is invaluable and an investment that leads your business ahead.

Make a contact along with me today and let us plan, compose and take the best photos to make the change for you. 

Industrial & Commercial portraiture


Industrial & Commercial Portraiture

Similarly to product photography, your business lifeline is dependant on the services and the products you provide to your customers. If you have already read above in the "Product Photography" section, customers tend to come and do business with business owners or operators that look good, tidy, clean and professional. Would you buy in a place that does not show it? 


Industrial and Commercial Portraiture is not a so-called "regular", beauty-photography. The portraiture here is meant to deliver in the best, professional and clear way to your current and prospective customers that you are in a league of your own!


Yes, this is portraiture, but here we market your to the prospective customers as in a business connection. That type of portraiture requires more than just pressing on the shutter button. It requires learning the inside and outside of the business. Obviously, when you contact me I can advise you in depth what we both do before we even set the camera on the tripod!


The process is very smooth. We schedule and meet to discuss your requirements, where you would like to take the business to, I ask questions, you ask questions, we shake hands, I bring my gear, and after I hand over the photos we can sit and have a cup of coffee. How does that sound? 


Make a contact with me now and we can meet at your company/business. I can do businesses of hundreds or dozens (such as companies having both executives and employees), or even only just a few people or individuals (for medium and small size ventures)

Canvassed Artwork sale

Canvassed Artwork Sale

As an artist, especially a photography artist, I find myself travelling along the country (and overseas) and waiting for the right moment, right inspiration, right subjects to come in front of my camera lens. Even nature scenes have to be waited for, sometimes a very long time.


Every work I make is inspired by some deeper thoughts, feelings, news, and emotions. That is the complementing story to the photo-art, and together they make one whole artwork. 


I invest much emotional energy and respect in each artwork. Every artwork is unique and special, telling a story and bringing a special atmosphere to any room in the hourse or the office.


I recommend you sat in front of your PC or laptop and navigate through my current offered collection of Artwork. Once you found one or more that caught your heart, make a contact with me and advise me in regard to the canvas size you would like to purchase. The canvases are made to order.

Canvassed Artwork
Photo Retouch

photo retouch

Retouch & Restore Old Photographs

Photo retouch services are also part of my workflow. This service is given to customers who possess printed photos that are in bad condition, colour de-saturated, old and lifeless, or missing parts. 

Through a meticulous advanced digital work I can restore the original photo colours and condition.

Photos are memories. Some of them should never be forgotten. I will do this for you!

Make a contact with me now and describe what your wishes are. Within a few days you will get your photo restored in a high resolution!

Kia Ora

Please feel free to send me a text, call on the phone (number below includes international code), or simply write me your lines on the right-hand side. 

I'd be more than happy to listen and reach your goals for your photography project or artistic needs.

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(+64) 021 2662431

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