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Urban Stories

Every person has invaluable assets shaped into the form of experiences and memories. Like people, every building has its past and future. 

The present day is essentially a postcard from the past sent to the future days. The wrinkles, the outfits, the actions and the spaces are all made from our mistakes or successes, originated by our hopes and thoughts. 

This category is of Street Art Photography. As opposed to the "traditional" street photography, here we present a fine-art street photography that stamps the ever changing people faces and mood, and architectural look. All items are presented with either true, fictional, inspirational or triggering stories beyond the mere photograph.

Attached to each artwork, at the top of the screen, is a special button. Press on that button to reveal the stories or inspirations nested behind. 

  • On laptops and personal computers, kindly use the arrows located at both right and left hand sides of each picture in order to move from one artwork to another.

  • Mobile device users may scroll each picture to either side to move between artworks.

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