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Brand ambassador name and Tokina are whi

Special thanks to 'Heritage New Zealand' 

New Zealand Kept Secrets

International Project, 2019-2020




Led and crafted by international photographer, Global Brand Ambassador Collins Ryàn - L'artiste, Auckland, New Zealand.

This is a vast, on-going project made in co-operation with Kenko-Tokina, the renowned global professional photography optics company!

Scroll down and explore selected artwork made so far, all arranged by categories. All Rights Reserved to Collins Ryàn - L'artiste (Auckland, New Zealand) and Tokina (Japan). 

Purchasing printed artwork on either premium canvas or other materials, or for licensing (either personal or commercial use) kindly contact through the link below:

The whole project was shot with the lenses manufactured by Kenko-Tokina Co., Ltd (Japan)

For each lens that has been used, there is a separate web-page, reviewing it and giving important info to professional photographers and artists.



See the Sea

All of that blue, green, white and brown

laid down for us just out of town.

Get the feeling of the vast space,
immerse yourself with the darkness of the rainy clouds,

the wonderful warmth of the southern sun.

or touch the waves in musical a pace. 

New Zealand has the best of them all. The climate and shores of this country are always changing and create unique shore landscapes, experiences and stories.

Countryside To Die For

Yes, there are almost 5 million people calling themselves "Kiwis". Living in such unique, large, isolated Paradise has lots of advantages. 

The geographical distance from any other continent or country in the world, and the fact that these heavenly islands of New Zealand had been disconnected from the ancient super-continents in a very early stage created a unique environment where basically there were no prey animals living here. 

Then came the man, and brought farm animals. These days, New Zealand can be seen as a super-power in agriculture with dozens of millions of farm animals grown on the immense countryside, enjoying exploration of acres of lush grass! The inner-side of the country is wonderful with an uncountable number of rivers and gorges streaming down the green mountains and hills

Urban Stories

Every person has an invaluable assets shaped in the form of experiences, memories. Every building has its past and future. 

The present day is a postcard from the past to the future days. The wrinkles, the outfits, the actions and the spaces are all made from our mistakes or our successes, originated by our hopes and our thoughts. 

This category is of Street Art Photography. A fine-art that stamps the ever changing people mood and architecture look, presented with either true, fictional, inspirational or underlying stories beyond the mere photograph 



When we were young, and I mean very young, the world had been talking to us in black & white perspective. For example, when we wanted something while visiting at the shopping malls or on the streets and our parents did not buy to us immediately, we clearly decided that they 'don't love us!'. 

The meaning of other colours in life, back then, were so weak. All we knew is if someone was either in our favour or not. There was a strange, intense perspective just about anything. I refer of course to the emotions we felt back then. 

Since those distant days we all have changed. We added colours into our emotions. We now know that any situation is not only a dichotomous one, but having more hues in the spectrum. 

This section brings us back to the time we saw things in dichotomy. The intense feelings we saw in any situation is coming back to life here. Inspirations, stories, emotions. You can get them all here. Enjoy.

The Face of...

New Zealand has different climates in different regions. What is called micro-climates also creates different landscapes and town vibes.

This part of the project comes to focus on special towns that for me, as the conductor of the project, stand out of the other towns. While choosing only one specific township in each region of the country is not an easy task, the project eventually made it based on the characteristics of the town, the people and the mood that the towns radiate. For every handpicked representative town, the project found a person to tell the story, their story, and their connection to the town. They are called "The Face Of The Town". Their stories are presented here in a series of portraits using the wonderful Tokina lenses.

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