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Tokina Global brand Ambassador's Project to New Zealand

What is the project all about?

Collins Ryàn is the Global Brand Ambassador for Tokina-Kenko, the renowned professional camera lenses and equipment manufacturer from Japan. During 2019, Collins Ryàn will engage with communities all across Aotearoa New Zealand. In this unprecedented professional photography mission, Ryàn along with the superb technology made by Tokina is going to show the world that New Zealand is the closest place on Planet Earth to be called "Paradise". 


Collins Ryàn planned a thorough project in order to illuminate the culture, the landscapes, the people, the animal kingdom, architecture, innovation, happiness, towns, tourist attractions, beaches and ample more of categories. 

The main objective is making Aotearoa New Zealand a number one tourism destination. Tokina's sharp and advanced lenses will be used on a full frame professional cameras in order to catch the moments that we, New Zealanders, are experiencing on daily basis. Companies and individuals who are interested in showing their innovation in their fields can join Tokina and Collins Ryàn in this project and show through the lenses why they are standing ahead of the crowd

Want To Know About The Tokina New Zealand 2019 Project?
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The categories below show what is included in this high magnitude professional photography project

Check out if your business type is part of the project. If you would like to volunteer and invite the project to your place, you can attract people's attention from all around the world directly to your business!

   This project is a great way to 

   market your business - BIG TIME!

Chefs and Restaurants

Tell us about your place whether new or old, why it is the best restaurant in your region,

what the cuisine is built on, and the atmosphere at your place. 


We are looking for giving you the BEST exposure. 

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Selected Artwork

Apply to showcase and market your company in the project
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